Doom Eternal Is Heading To Nintendo Switch On December 8

Rip & Tear on the go.

Doom Eternal is finally launching on the Nintendo Switch on December 8. Originally announced a few years ago, Doom Eternal launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in March of this year, but the Nintendo Switch version needed a little more time in the oven. 

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One important note about this release is that it will be digital-only. If you pre-ordered it through a physical retail store you’ll need to contact the store to find out how you will receive your copy of the game. 

This information comes directly from the Bethesda website in its Q&A section for the Switch release. 

The Nintendo Switch version will also offer gyroscopic controls just like Doom (2016) did when it launched on the Switch. It will also feature the Battlemode multiplayer game found on the other versions. Let’s just hope that Nintendo Online infrastructure can handle it. 

If you were looking forward to playing the DLC for Doom Eternal on December 8, you’ll have to wait because this version is launching without The Ancient Gods: Part One. This DLC will launch at a later date, according to Bethesda’s website. 

There are also a few known issues with the Nintendo Switch version of the game that Bethesda addresses. You can view them below. 

  • Issue: Players in the Recent Players menu appear to be removed from the list of boosters without any player input
  • Resolution: A known issue with the Boosters menu results in more than 3 Boosters appearing when replacing Boosters. The replaced Boosters are removed when returning to the menu later. This will be resolved in a future patch.
  • Issue: The equipment launcher appears pink while using flame belch and taking a photo in Photo Mode
  • Resolution: A known issue that occurs when using photo mode and the Onslaught power up or cheat code causes the equipment launcher to appear this way
  • Issue: The Slayer falls through the bottom of the West cannon elevator when reaching the top in ARC Complex
  • Resolution: This has been observed when the Slayer is standing in a very specific position on the edge of the elevator. Standing in the center of the elevator resolves this issue.

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