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Doodle Jump Hops Over To Nintendo Handhelds Later This Year

by Prima Games Staff

Ever since its release on the mobile front a while back, Doodle Jump has become one of the most popular games out there, with its simplistic, yet addictive, platforming gameplay. Now, the little hopper that could will work his way to a new handheld front – Nintendo.

GameMill Publishing and Lima Sky have announced that Doodle Jump will make its way to both the Nintendo DS and 3DS later this year with a pair of new adventures. Doodle Jump Journey will feature various themes from the classic mobile game, including Jungle and Space themes in Endless Mode among others.

As for the 3DS version, it’ll come with a new Adventure mode, with boss battles and unique power-ups, as well as its own Endless Mode.

“Nintendo is synonymous with great platformers, adorable characters and on-the-go gaming,” noted Igor Pusenjak, co-founder of Lima Sky. “Doodle Jump is a natural fit on Nintendo’s handhelds. We’re thrilled to bring the Doodler to audiences that have yet to meet him while bringing great new adventures to our existing fans.”

Look for the games to arrive sometime before the holidays.


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