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Doctor Who VR Game Announced, First Look At The Edge Of Time

by Liana Ruppert

Calling all Time Lords and lovable companions! A new Doctor Who VR game has been revealed with The Edge of Time and we’ve got our first look at what the new experience has to offer with a thrilling trailer that allows fans to explore the cosmos like never before. 

The newest adventure comes from Maze Theory in a partnership with publisher PlayStack. According to the studio, “Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time will transport fans into a globally-beloved world of aliens, mystery and wonder, letting them embark on a brand-new and fully-interactive adventure, inspired by the show’s 55-year history and starring the Doctor’s current incarnation, played by Jodie Whittaker.”

From puzzles, to facing familiar foes from the hit television series, The Edge of Time offers a new way to experience a fan favorite. It even gives fans a chance to wield their own sonic screwdriver, fully allowing players to dive deep into the experience of what it means to be a timelord. 

Plus, Daleks. Come on, now – that’s just awesome.

The adventure is slated for a September 2019 release for Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Vive Cosmos, and PlayStation VR. For more about Doctor Who: The Edge of Time:

“The Doctor has been hurled through time to the end of the universe. A virus that threatens to rip apart reality itself has been unleashed. Players can pilot the TARDIS on a journey across worlds both familiar and strange to recover a series of powerful time crystals that can repair spacetime and ultimately save the universe itself.”



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