D&D Beyond New Encounter Builder Feature is a Lifesaver

Here's a quick solution for your festive one-shots: the D&D Beyond new Encounter Feature builder is gonna kick butt.

Sure, we all love creating our own fights from scratch when we’re DMing in Dungeons & Dragons. Nothing says a quiet flex quite like pitting some angry kobolds against some incredibly green adventurers who quickly get cut down to size. However, when your players start hitting the double digits in levels and start obliterating deities, tracking an encounter challenging enough for them gets hard. Enter the D&D Beyond new Encounter Builder feature that’s now in beta. 

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D&D Beyond New Encounter Builder Feature is a Lifesaver

For those who aren’t totally in the know, D&D Beyond’s Encounter Builder feature is currently in beta. It does, well, what it implies on the tin. DMs can use the Encounter Builder to set up fights for their party, and you’ll be able to draw on a whole ton of pre-created stat blocks for creatures and players (perhaps even the new Artificers) just a click away.

If you’re not sure where to start? You can enter the players in your party and their levels and have the Encounter make sure that it helps you spit out something that will match their capabilities. You’ll be told about the difficulty of the encounter, how much EXP each person will earn, and you have the option to fully customize your experience from the loot down to what the monsters look like when described. It’s also D&D Beyond’s way of consolidating all the different titles that you’ve got kicking around which you might possess on your account e.g. Mordenkainen’s and the like. 

Everyone with an account on the official site can now access the D&D Beyond new Encounter Builder feature if they so desire, so we would definitely recommend having a fiddle around with it to check out all of its cool functions. We’re sure that more will be added to the builder as time goes on, but the fact that it draws organically from all the monster texts available is such a lifesaver. We’ll be giving it a shot this Christmas for all our festive one-shots!

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