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DLC for Dead Rising 2 revealed

by Prima Games Staff

Capcom have announced they’ll be releasing four DLC theme packs for the slay-em-up zombie masher Dead Rising 2.

The DLC Theme Packs are set to come out sometime during the coming month, Capcom said. The themes are sleek ninja, insane psychopath, crazy sports fanatic and kick-ass soldier.

The releases kick off with the Psychopath Theme Pack, which comes on the 12th October on XBLA, and will be released the day after on PSN. We’ll see The Soldier of Fortune pack one week later, the Sports Theme Pack a week after that one, and surprisingly, The Ninja Theme Pack the week after that. Each pack will set you back 160 Microsoft Points.

Capcom said the DLC will be coming to the PC, but we have no idea when.

The gear from the packs will be able to be mixed and matched in whatever way you’d like, hours of fun.

The packs don’t just come with clothes however; there are new skills and weapons with each theme. If you wear the ninja outfit, for instance, you’ll be able to get a lot closer to the zombies without them knowing you’re there.

Dead Rising 2 is available now, for more info, check out the game’s hub.

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