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The Division 2 Free Weekend Announced to Celebrate Episode 2’s Launch

by Liana Ruppert

Want to get in on that Division action? Then you’re not going to want to miss the newly announced The Division 2 free weekend! If you’ve got the Season Pass, Episode 2 is now live in The Division Two adding two major new missions including DARPA Research labs and the Pentagon. For those that don’t have the Season Pass and are interested in trying out the game for free, Ubisoft just made that a lot easier to do. 

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Interested players can preload The Division 2 for free on Uplay and the Epic Games Store, though the Division 2 free weekend doesn’t officially kickoff until October 17th. From then, the free weekend will run from the 17th until the 21st, giving those interested ample time to check out what this game has to offer before diving all in. 

Though Ubisoft mentioned earlier this month that the newest raid has been delayed, Chapter 2 is still on the way (available now for Season Pass holders) for its original timeslot and will include new main missions, a new PvP mode for players to battle it out in, a new specialization, and tons more. It will also take players to the Pentagon itself where they’ll find a horde of Black Tusk ready to take control. What are they aiming to take control of? A bioreactor that offers a cure for green poison, which is the strain of smallpox that thrust the events of this game into utter chaos. 

The aspect I’m most looking forward to is the new PvP mode called Team Elimination. “The new Team Elimination PvP mode pits two teams of four into a best-of-seven round battle in D.C. Rounds will end once an entire team has been eliminated or time has expired.”

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The new Wharf PvP map is also included in this update, which will take players to a spoopy abandoned fish harbor. 

For those that have a Year 1 pass, players will also get two new classified assignments that will put players against The Outcasts both at the Mexican Embassy and the Potomac River. 

As for the game itself, you can check out The Division 2 now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

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