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Dispatches From Northwatch – Part 14: Solstheim Smithing (3 of 4): Nordic Carved Armor

by Prima Games Staff

Last Time: I took a small detour from my maneuvering through Skyrim to hammer away at forges in an attempt to create Chitin armor. It’s all detailed here.
This Time: I buckle up and fit myself into some Nordic Carved Armor. It’s all detailed here:

Carve Them Up: A full complement of Nordic equipment is on display during this fracas: The soon-to-be-segmented Pirate Captain (a Reaver Lord of some evil repute) is clad in gauntlets and a helm of this armor type, and wields a battleaxe. The adventurer carries a Nordic dagger and war axe. The resulting battle was bloody, and ultimately upsetting for the captain.

Some of the finest (and best-looking) armor and weaponry around can be tempered properly if you’ve learned the Advanced Armors Smithing perk, once your Skill level is 50, and you’ve already obtained the Elven Smithing perk.  However, although most other armors at this level are prepared using Corundum and Steel, all the various Nordic Armor and Weapons are tempered using Quicksilver ingots, the armor sections requiring Ebony, Leather Strips, and Steel. Simply saunter up to any Blacksmith’s Forge (find them on Solstheim or Skyrim) and hammer away!

With enough sweat and fierce pounding, you’ll begin to create some especially intricate-looking arms and armor; of particular note is the wolf’s head carved helmet, and the ferocious-looking fur-lined shield of sharp metal designs that Ysgramor himself would have been proud to carry into battle. The armor itself is hard-wearing and slightly bulky, as it’s a heavy armor type. However, despite having base values similar to Orcish and Ebony armor, it doesn’t weigh as much, allowing the adventurer to seek formidable protection, without the expense of extra encumbrance.

Ghost of a Chance: Nordic Carved Armor seems to have been popular on Solstheim for a while now, as Thalin Ebonhand, one of the spirits guarding the massive treasure hauls of Haknir Death-Brand, is clad in it.

Nordic Carved Armor can be crafted into torso breast-plates, boots, gauntlets, the aforementioned helmet and shield, and carrying all of these pieces certainly allows you to look the part of an intimidating, rosy-cheeked, windswept warrior. But don’t neglect your weapon-making; with just a single Quicksilver Ingot, some leather strips and a good quantity of Steel, you’re able to craft a full complement of Nord weapons (Dagger, Sword, War Axe, Mace, Greatsword, Battleaxe, Warhammer, Bow, and Arrows). Think of these potent implements of mayhem as a little like Elven weaponry, but even lighter.

We’re Not Gonna Take It: Although the battle was hairy and fraught with gnashing and sharp teeth, our Nordic Weapons (in this case, a bloodied dagger and sword) finally slew a prowling Werebear along Solstheim’s rugged northeastern coast.

As Nordic equipment isn’t usually sold in great quantities, your best way of scavenging some is to wander the wilds of Solstheim and encounter the numerous Reavers in their camps scattered across these wild lands. The chiefs of these vicious bandit clans always wear a variety of Nordic Carved Armor and wield weapons of the same nature.

How are your armor and weapon creations influenced? Are the environments of Solstheim helpful to your crafting? Tell us about it here.

Until next time (when I provide further knowledge regarding the smithing techniques available in Dragonborn), may your Nordic Armor always be carved, and your Werebear confrontations always result in soggy, blood-soaked lycanthrope pelts.

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