Disney Infinity isn't the only game that the company is putting all its magic into.  It's about to take flight with a series of titles based on its forthcoming animated film Planes.

The company has announced today that it will be releasing a game based on the film, due in August, for various Nintendo platforms.  In it, you'll be able to fly the friendly skies with characters from the film while completing missions and taking part in events like Air Rallies.

The game will feature the same star-studded cast from the film, including actor and comedian Dane Cook voicing the main character Dusty.  Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer (who also appeared in Top Gun a long time ago) will be on board as well.

Featuring controls that let you turn, loop and roll like a champ, you'll be able to perform stunts aplenty while enjoying the personable Disney style that you've come to expect from the films.  No word yet if any sort of multiplayer would be included for friendly dogfights, but here's to hoping.

Disney's Planes hits stores later this summer for Nintendo DS, 3DS and Wii U.