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Disney Universe Videos Strategy Part 3: Defeating Bosses 5 and 6

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome back! Now, onward to our last two levels and bosses in the official Disney Universe strategy guide.


At the end of this level, you must joust with Jaffar. He initially sends a gaggle of smaller enemies at you, which you can take out with your standard attacks. Jaffar transforms into a large cobra, pops up in different holes in the floor, and starts shooting shockwaves out of his eyes. Dodge those shockwaves and hack away at the snake’s body.

After you destroy one section of the body, dodge the lasers shooting out of the snake’s head and grab the key that appears. Unlock a chest in the rear right corner of the screen to upgrade your weapon.

Next, scamper across the five tiled pictures of Jaffar that show up on the floor. Jaffar reappears—keep attacking him with backhands and slam attacks as you chase him around the floor. Destroy another body part and his head pops off again. Dodge the laser beams, fight off some more enemies, and uncover a large tiled picture in the middle of the floor.

Now down to his last body part, keep chasing and whacking Jaffar with your best attacks. Once you finally defeat him, he literally falls to pieces, and you unlock the Aladdin costume!


The final battle takes place on the captain’s deck, where you must activate all of the control consoles. Step on the red nodes to turn them blue, then turn the crank to direct power to the consoles. Press the red button on the console to activate it, then repeat the process to make them all green.

Auto, the ship’s wheel, tries to stop you with a combination of laser beams and shockwaves. Avoid these attacks, and reactivate the consoles that Auto has turned off. Reaching the consoles isn’t so easy this time as Auto tilts the ship back and forth, forcing you to scamper across inclines and declines.

Next, avoid getting punched by the giant boxing glove pounding from the top of the screen by watching for its shadow. Keep battling to reactivate the consoles, dodge the lasers and bombs, and take down Auto. Once you defeat him, you must then take on his mini-boss sidekick. Take out the mini-boss and other minions, and release the guest from the block to unlock the WALL-E costume. 

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