Disney Infinity – 5 Steps to Create a Sports Game

Check out these 5 easy steps to creating a sports game in Toy Box Worlds

Sports games are a lot of fun—especially in the Toy Box Worlds. There are several different types of balls and goals that you can use to re-create real sports games or create games of your own.

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1. Determine the Type of Game

The entire design of a sports game depends on what type of game you want to create. Do you want players to try to push a soccer ball into a goal, shoot basketballs, or put a football through the goal post? There is even a hockey puck. Don’t feel constrained to re-create a real sport. This is your world so you can come up with the most outrageous sports you can think of. In addition to the type of ball, consider how you will move the ball. Riding horses can be a fun way to play hockey.

2. Build the Stadium

The balls and puck are physics toys, so they will keep moving for a bit after you push or run into them. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to build some boundaries for your game. You can build a stadium with the Building Sets toys or just use some barriers from the Track Pieces. The goal is to keep the ball or puck in play. Remember to provide openings for players to enter that are too small for the balls to get out.

If you find your ball or puck leaving the play area or falling off the world at times, put in a Falling Object Generator that releases a new ball or puck if the ball or puck in play leaves the world. Therefore, if it goes “out of bounds” you get a new ball or puck.

3. Goals

Once the stadium or playing area is set up, you need to place goals. The ESPN Soccer Goal works great for soccer or hockey. If you are using the ESPN Basketball Hoop or ESPN Goal Post, you will also need to provide a way to get the ball up into or through the goals. Try placing a Super Cannon on the field in line with the goals so players can move the balls to the cannon, which then launches them up into the air. Or you can even put several Toy Box Townspeople in the world and then drop kick them over the goals to score points. It is your game, so be creative.

4. Scoring

You can’t have a sports game with a score. Place a Scoreboard toy from the Creativi-Toy category. Then link it to one of the goals (with the goal as the trigger and the Scoreboard as the behavior) and determine which of four possible teams gets the score. Under Properties in the Scoreboard menu, you can choose the victory requirements for the game. Then connect the other goal to the Scoreboard and program it to give the points to another team.

5. Effects

Finally, to make the game more exciting, link a Sound Effects toy to the goal so that you get cheering or other sounds when a goal is scored. Then link a Boom Box and/or Party Cannons to the Scoreboard. Use the Scoreboard as a trigger when one of the players wins to set off music or effects to show the end of the game. Once you have everything in place, be sure to test out your game to make sure it works how you want it to.

Once you have your sports game completed, be sure to invite your friends over to your Toy Box World and challenge them to a game.

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