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Disney Classic Games Collection Rated by ESRB

by Lucas White

It looks like Disney is about to drop another retro gaming compilation. This week, a rating on the official ESRB website for Disney Classic Games Collection, for several platforms. This appears to be a collection comprising games based on Aladdin, The Lion King and The Jungle Book. 

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The whole page is pretty sparse on details, which is generally what you can expect from ratings listings. What is uncommon here is the ESRB rarely blows the lid on games like this before they’re announced. It’s more common in other countries like Korea or Australia. Still, it happens from time to time.

The weird thing here is that Disney recently released some of these games already. The previous release was called Disney Classic Games: The Lion King and Aladdin, and was released on the same list of platforms. That collection included several versions of each game, from the Sega Genesis to the Game Boy. Capcom’s Super Nintendo Aladdin was absent for obvious reasons. 

So, on paper, this seems like the same collection but updated with The Jungle Book. But the paper doesn’t include many details. Digital Eclipse was involved before, a company with a solid reputation for things like authentic bonus features and high quality emulation. Perhaps there’s more to it than that, but for now we don’t know.

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