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Disney Buys LucasArts, But Video Games Will Remain Unaffected

by Prima Games Staff

So if you were on Twitter or Facebook yesterday, you probably saw everything from a Death Star logo with mouse ears to a comparison between the Country Bears and Ewoks. That’s because Disney leaped forward and bought LucasFilm and the corresponding rights to Indiana Jones and, more importantly, Star Wars for just over $4 billion. On top of that, the company has also announced that a new Star Wars movie is in the works for release in 2015, the much-rumored episode seven – and George Lucas actually won’t be directing or writing it, merely serving as a consultant.


If that’s not big enough news, we’ve also learned that the mega-merger actually won’t have an effect on the gaming front – which is a good thing. LucasArts announced the highly anticipated next-gen project Star Wars: 1313 a few months ago, and though brief, it looks very promising. It’s still on track.


On top of that, Disney is rumored to be working on some sort of social Star Wars game. Though it’s not known whether it’ll be for Facebook or PC in general, it’ll be something for everyone. Could we be seeing The Old Republic resurface in a new light? Hmmmm…


Meanwhile, the Force is strong with this news. Expect more details on the social game in the months ahead.


And new movie! Not directed by Lucas! Who’s doing back flips right now?!


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