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Disgaea D2 – What about the Post-Game?

by Prima Games Staff

The question we received most from fans while we were making the Disgaea D2 guide was, “What about the Post-Game?” As people who follow the series know, the story campaign’s good fun and presents its own challenges, but the Post-Game is where the real action is.

After you clear the main campaign and receive the true ending, Laharl and company reappear in the Overlord’s Castle with a number of new options, such as extra cheats and some bonus options, including new bills in the Dark Assembly. Passing those bills allows you to reach the most difficult, punishing stages in the game, and it’ll take serious preparation before you have a chance to take them on. Those stages, in turn, let you recruit and face off against a who’s-who of past Disgaea characters, as well as a new arrival or two.

Getting to the final stages doesn’t just require you to be at level 9,999. You’ll need to take full advantage of the Demon’s Dojo, Reincarnation, doubling up on useful Evilities, and the dangerous LoC Mode, where enemies receive a massive multiplier to their levels, but where your characters also have a chance to absorb stats from any opponent that you manage to defeat.

As per those fans’ requests, we spent the bulk of our time while making the guide going over the Post-Game, mapping out its rewards and figuring out the most efficient path towards the final challenges. We found the most powerful and best-hidden weapons and armor in the game, did our best to unravel the mystery of the last two Product Ranks, explored the Item World for hundreds of hours, and punched maybe six hundred million demons right in the face.

This isn’t easy and it’s not a short process, but it’s easier with a guide. We tried for a road map, rather than a step-by-step walkthrough, and with our help, we’ll get you to Rasetsu Mode and the game’s real final boss as expediently as possible.

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