Discord Confirms Users Seeing “Sorry, You Have Been Blocked” Aren’t Actually Banned

It's a widespread API error.

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Discord has confirmed that if you see the Cloudflare error message “sorry, you have been blocked” when trying to use the platform today, Sept. 29, you’re not alone. The app experienced “unusual traffic spikes” that triggered its systems to mass-block many accounts temporarily. It’s unclear what was the cause of this surge in traffic or what the service’s system criteria were to suspend users.

According to its status page, this is an issue the company has been working to fix since 9 AM ET.

Some people found success solving the issue themselves, but those who can’t will just have to wait until Discord pushes some fix. Besides following general tips like resetting your internet connection and restarting your PC, there’s not much you can do yourself to log back into the app if the issue persists.

Some people have reported only their Discord PC app or browser versions were showing the error this morning, while their mobile apps were working fine.

The error made some people think they had been banned from the service. “I thought my trolling finally caught up with me,” a user wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “And here I thought Discord was targeting artists now,” another user replied.

Discord has provided no estimated time for a fix to be fully implemented.

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