Can’t get enough of the DiRT series?  After playing the phenomenal DiRT 3, we can’t really blame you.  But not to worry.  Later this month Codemasters will release the latest game in the series, DiRT Showdown, which is one that takes a more competitive approach by letting you wreck opponents however you please.

If you want to give this game a try now you can as Codemasters has released a demo for the game today on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.  The demo will introduce you to the new “8 ball” race, an event where you’ll fight your way around the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco with the ability to either bypass or destroy opponents as you race for the finish line.  

Once you finish that, you can hop online and work with others to unlock the new “Rampage” multiplayer mode, a full-on demolition derby where you earn points by unleashing destruction.  Sounds good to us.

The demo will also introduce players to the new RaceNet service, a free supplementary feature that tracks your progress throughout all Codemasters racing games, including Races, Rivals and Rewards.  You can also issue challenges to other players as well.

Rev yourself up for DiRT Showdown when it releases on May 29!