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Dinosaurs Could Be Coming to Battlefield V

by Liana Ruppert

Long-time Battlefield fans know that dinosaurs aren’t as outlandish to the franchise as one might think. The popular FPS series has been known to tossle with a dino or two and it looks like Battlefield V could be gearing up to carry on the tradition. 

The speculation of Battlefield V taking the FPS to prehistoric levels began with YouTuber JackFrags who shared a new video that presented quite a bit of evidence supporting the theory that dinosaurs are invading the latest Battlefield game. In addition to the small hints in-game that he brought up, he also shared a correlation between red flares in the game and how they match up with developer teasers. 

Check out his evidence below: 

One of the clues he talks about in the above video is the use of Morse Code that sounds out “Soon preround red flares,” which many players are saying references Jurassic Park’s flares and how they would work in-game. Adding fuel to the fire is a few of the Battlefield V developers themselves weighing in, including GIFs regarding the Jurassic Park movies – which, of course, just made that speculation inflame even more.

We know that Battlefield V and new content will be shown at EA Play this year during E3 2019, so maybe an official dino mode will be revealed then? Until that happens, it’s all speculation, but that’s half the fun! The community comes up with some wild theories sometimes, but when the devs themselves start to join the fun – it’s too good to just ignore. 

As for the game itself, Battlefield V is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

Liana Ruppert

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