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Did You Get Shulk Today at GameStop?

by Prima Games Staff

Today was huge for hardcore amiibo fans. GameStop finally received shipments of the long awaited and store exclusive Shulk, star of Super Smash Bros. and Xenoblade Chronicles. Although he’s appeared at Nintendo World in New York City, GameStop is the only place to find him nationwide. 

Well, sort of. Similar to Target’s Rosalina amiibo, Shulk debuted in limited quantities. In fact, none of the local stores we called this afternoon received extras, and it was common for GameStops to get anywhere from 16 to 20 pre-ordered Shulks. One store kept the amiibo locked away from customer view, while another had them clearly visible behind the register, inadvertently torturing those who didn’t spend the $5 to reserve one months ago. 

Unfortunately, none of the stores know when more will arrive. You can go with eBay, but he sells between $55 and $100.

Of course, you may have picked up your Shulk today. If so, what do you think of the newest amiibo?

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