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Did An Okami Sequel Just Get Confirmed?

by Liana Ruppert

When the stunning adventure known as Okami released back in 2006, it was obvious that this journey was something special – something entirely unique. It’s one of the many reasons why we’ve seen several ports and gamers are still raving about this title today. From its breathtaking art style that uses a celestial brush so that players can create their own reality, to the stunning lore that crafted a haunting storyline – Okami is one of the “great hits” that will stay with us forever and now it looks like we may finally be getting a sequel! 

In a recent Twitter post by Ikumi Nakamura, she shared a video alongside Okami director Hideki Kamiya to tease the return of Okami: 

With a phrase like “Okami is going to be back,” it’s hard not to get hyped up about a possible sequel. If this tweet is simply a way to measure fan excitement, we’d gather that it more than passed the test because feedback was immediate and even myself I find I’m freaking the eff out over seeing my beloved Amaterasu once more. 

Okami is the apex of traditional Japanese folklore style, with a unique stylized twist to make the perfect game. For those unfamiliar with the lore surrounding this majestic title, the story of Okami centers around Amaterasu whose name literally means “heaven’s illumination”. She takes the shape of a large white wolf with unique markings artfully scaling her body and a tail that resembles that of a calligraphy brush, which is fitting for the game style. She is the Sun Goddess with a quiet, yet indomitable nature. Her intelligence, her self acknowledgment, and the overall personal aspects of her character make Amaterasu a beautifully done centerpiece to a game that was damn near perfection.

When the Kamiki Village faces a monster like no other, Orochi, an evil curse blankets the area and the people within. Leaving nothing but a trail of destruction, Amaterasu assumes her wolf-like form to once again face down this powerful foe with the help of a fairy sprite named Issun to reclaim the lost powers of the Celestial brush and ultimately defeat the evil that has threatened a once happy village.

Simply put: we need an Okami sequel. Give it. Please & thank you. 


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