Diablo III Production Video Shows Off PlayStation 4 Controls

Want to see how Blizzard's next-gen port will play on Sony's new system? Here's a sneak peek.

Ever since it was announced as a surprise title during Sony’s PlayStation 4 event back in February, Blizzard’s Diablo III has been building up steam between a great PAX East showcase and the promise of some innovative gameplay features that would make the game stand out from the PC version.

Today, Blizzard released a new video that went into more detail as to what features you can expect from the PS4 version.  Production director John Hight, lead designer Joshua Mosqueira and senior designer Jason Bender talk a bit about adaptation and how the new Dual Shock control scheme will work in favor of the players.  It turns out the touch pad on the front of the Dual Shock 4 will enable you to access menu and inventory options, while the gameplay stays regulated to the analog sticks.  Nice.

Watch the video here and expect more information on Diablo III in the weeks ahead, leading into E3.

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