Ever since it was announced earlier this year for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Diablo III has been gaining a considerable amount of buzz.  It's sold over 12 million copies on PC thus far, and its worth the hype judging by what we've seen so far from the PS3 build.

Blizzard has announced that it has opened up pre-orders for the PS3 version of the game due for release later this year.  Those who head off to their favorite retailer to pre-order the game will gain access to a new item called the Infernal Helm that allows for an experience point boost to any character that happens to be wearing it.  Other limited edition pre-order items are expected to be announced in the weeks ahead as well.

Though some may be skeptical about the game's transition from PC to PlayStation 3 (and 4), Blizzard is making every assurance that the game will fit right into the game consoles.  They're modifying the control system, updating boss battles, incorporating a user-friendly interface with four-player same-screen local cooperative gameplay and PSN support as well.

Look for a strategic preview of Diablo III in the months ahead.