Apple held its World Wide Developer Conference yesterday, announcing the new Macbook Pro with Retina display.

What’s especially interesting to us though, was just how much attention gaming was given.

Diablo 3 will be receiving an upgrade to its resolution in order to support the mighty 2880 x 1800 pixel Retina display of the new Macbook Pro.

"You are going to see a gaming experience unlike any you've seen before," Apple's Phil Schiller announced (thanks GamesIndustry International).

When we’ll see the Diablo 3 update, we don’t yet know.

According to Apple, there are currently 66 million Macs being across the globe, which is three times the number five years ago. When it comes to iOS devices though, the numbers are pretty staggering, with a total of 365 million in use.

Apple is planning a major update to the iOS Game Center, its gaming network, and announced plans to bring the service to Mountain Lion in July.

67 of the top 100 games on the App Store make use of Game Centre, which now has 130 million accounts. Game Center’s upgrade will bring Challenges, Apple’s version of Achievements/Trophies.

Mac-to-Mac multiplayer was highlighted, as was cross-device play, to iPad or iPhone if the game supports it.

Swanky individuals can even broadcast games to their Apple TV in 1080p wirelessl with AirPlay Mirroring.

iOS 6 is currently in beta, and is planned for release this fall. It brings with it various updates to Siri (which can now run games on command), Facebook integration, notifications and a new Apple-made map app. Apparently there are more than 600 updates in iOS 6.

The new Macbook Pro with Retina display costs $2,199 or $2,779. The $2,199 edition boasts a 2.3GHz quad-core Core i7 processor (ramped up to 3.3GHz) with 8GB of 1,600MHz RAM, 256GB flash storage and an Nvidia GeForce GT 650M (with 1 GB DDR5 memory). The $2,799 version whacks the processor up to 2.6GHz and brings with it 512GB flash storage.

If you go for the $2,199 edition, you can upgrade to 16GB RAM, whereas the $2,799 version has the option of a processor upgrade, taking it to a maximum of 2.7GHz quad-core Core i7, up to 16GB RAM and a mighty 768GB flash storage.