Somebody has already managed to complete Diablo 3.

A gamer who goes by the pseudonym Yoshichan finished the insanely popular role-playing sequel in just 12 hours and 29 minutes as a level 32 Barbarian and posted a screenshot of his stats over at NeoGAF.

Words from the man himself: "Frenzy baba with lots and lots of mobility and defensive skills - 415 dps unbuffed, ~700 dps buffed."

There are four levels of difficulty in Diablo 3: Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno. Then there's the hardcore character option, which will kill your character forever in the event of their death.

His next trick? "All right guys, wish me all good luck in nightmare!" he posted. "Going for it asap. It's actually starting to get warm in the bunker now that I think about it."