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No New Devil May Cry 5 Content Planned

by Liana Ruppert

Devil May Cry 5 was instantly met with high praise from long-time fans of the franchise. Hailed as the “comeback” game for Capcom, there was a lot to love about the latest adventures of Nero and Dante. Unfortunately for those hoping for more updates beyond Bloody Palace, however, we’ve got some bad news. 

Producer Matt Walker confirmed to a fan on Twitter that there is no new content in the works for Devil May Cry 5. Since the game shipped finished in addition to the Bloody Palace update, there’s no more work left to be done on the title. 

The answer came after one fan asked if there would be a Ladies Night DLC arriving anytime soon after rumors started circulating online. While we’d love to see some of our favorite women from the franchise make their return, alas – it’s not meant to be. 

While sad, it is refreshing to see a game “finish” after it’s shipped since this is the age of ever-growing live-service titles. The latest journey was incredible, and has been described as “coming home” by fans that have been with the series since the very beginning. It was also for newcomers as well, and that soundtrack? That soundtrack was perfect. 

Though no new content is on the way, players can enjoy Devil May Cry 5 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC now alongside the Bloody Palance multiplayer update.