Over at xbox.com, Joe Danger 2 The Movie has its release date listed as August 29th, but it seems this is news to developer Hello Games.

The listing appeared sometime yesterday and also makes mention of local multiplayer for two to four players (yay to local; don’t forget some of us see each other in real life), as well as leaderboards.

Despite the “official” listing this is the first Sean Murray, Hello Games boss, has heard of this release date.

"I don't think the date is real, probably just an accident," he told Eurogamer this morning. "If the date is real, then it's genuinely news to us, and we better get this game finished real quick.

"When I saw it first it made me lol a little bit, then it scared the s*** out of me. It's unlikely we'll release it before it's finished though."

Expect an update when we learn any more.