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Details on Upcoming Final Fantasy VII Content Appear in Nomura Famitsu Interview

by Lucas White

The world (or compilation, natch) of Final Fantasy VII has been super busy lately, despite being nearly a year past Final Fantasy VII Remake’s release. A new PS5 version with new playable content is on the way, along with two mobile games adding or expanding upon the lore. In Famitsu, an interview with Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura shed some further light on these projects.

Details on Upcoming Final Fantasy VII Content Appear in Nomura Famitsu Interview

The Famitsu interview, with rough bullet points from Twitter personality Nibel, starts with Intergrade, the PS5 update to Final Fantasy VII Remake. The interview notes that Episode Yuffie is the only post-launch content planned for the game, as the team used it and Intergrade overall to get used to working on the PS5.

Episode Yuffie does have new Materia and Summons, and there is some interactivity with Yuffie’s partner, Sonon. But Yuffie is the only fully playable character.

This transition alluded to by Nomura is going “smoothly” by his words, and that more DLC could be on the table but not until the next part is out. From there, the talk segued into the two upcoming Final Fantasy VII mobile games, First Soldier (2021) and Ever Crisis (2022).

There wasn’t much on First Soldier besides noting a Job System is involved, but we got quite a few new details on Ever Crisis. If the interview translation is accurate, then Ever Crisis’ chapters will be entirely free. This seems to be backed up with a gacha-style system for weapons.

We’re far from knowing what impact that might have on progression so far. Nomura also noted the original FFVII part of Ever Crisis comprises 10 chapters, and has some new content. Apparently beyond the titles shown in the original trailer, story from First Soldier will be included, and “more.”

Previously, we saw Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus included alongside the original FFVII and Remake.


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All of these games are a ways away, although we could be seeing whatever the sequel to Remake ends up being sooner than we might expect. It’s a hunch, sue me. But these mobile games sure are curious. What do you think, readers? Let us know on Prima Games’ Twitter and Facebook feeds.


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