Jeff Gardiner, developer at Bethesda for Fallout 3 and its DLC, has revealed much more info on the weaponry available in Fallout’s imminent DLC offering. The release is set to include “the most high tech weaponry in the game" and also features a brand new perk.

When speaking to MTV, Gardiner announced a shock baton for the melee specialists,  adding to the previously detailed booty, which included the Drone Cannon, Alien Atomizer (pistol) and Alien Disintegrator (rifle).

There was also talk of the Cryo Grenade, a unique weapon “which freezes enemies for a short period of time".

The new perk is named “Xenotech Expert”, and “increases the damage you do with alien weapons, including the Alien Blaster if the player had found that in the wasteland". The perk is mission-specific, as we’ll see no level cap increase with the pack.

Mothership Zeta is to be a massive change of scenery for Fallout fans with the action taking place aboard a huge alien ship.

Players will also be able to return to the ship after the DLC quest is complete, something apparently well worthwhile as there is to be a unique “Alien Epoxy” aboard,  capable of repairing items by 25% without duplicates. Well worth picking up for those that have the Gauss Rifle, as this could only previously be repaired to 50% by vendors.