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Destruction All-Stars Receives New Gameplay Trailer & Game Modes

by Jesse Vitelli

Destruction All-Stars, the recently delayed PlayStation 5 exclusive destruction derby game, has received a brand-new gameplay trailer. 

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You can watch the trailer below.

It shows off some of the characters, but most importantly, it shows off the cars in action and how you can expect to interact with other players in the arena. 

The main goal is to destroy your opponents, but all is not lost when your car blows up. Run around the map and try to take over an enemy’s car to get back into the fight.

The PlayStation Blog has some more information on the game modes that are included in Destruction All-Stars.


“Mayhem plays like a classic deathmatch. Playable in solo and teams, deal damage and wreck as many opponents as you can in the time limit.”


“Take what you learn in Mayhem and put it all on the line in Carnado. Playable in both solo and teams, it’s focused around risk and reward. Earn Gears (AllStars’ collectable in-game items) for damaging or wrecking competitors, which are automatically stored in your vehicle. Sacrifice your vehicle by driving into the Carnado to score points”


“Stockpile is our take on capture and control. In this team based mode, wrecking or knocking out opponents will cause Gears to drop to the floor. Go on foot to collect the Gears and run through a gauntlet of vehicles to one of the three banks around the map”


“16 AllStars enter the arena, but only one will emerge victorious. In Gridfall, it’s about using all your skills to stay in the game as the arena falls away from beneath your wheels.”

There is also a training mode to check out and get your bearings before jumping into the above game modes. 

Destruction All-Stars will be a free PS Plus game in February 2021, so be sure to stay on the lookout for it. 

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