Destiny: The Taken King – How to Get the Touch of Malice

Find out how to get one of The Taken King's most unique weapons.

The Touch of Malice is one of the more unique weapons in Destiny: The Taken King. It has unlimited ammunition (in a way) at the cost of the user’s health. It’s definitely not a weapon for everyone, but it comes in handy throughout The Taken King. This guide will walk you through every step to finding the Touch of Malice. 

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In order to obtain the Touch of Malice, first you must speak with Eris to start the quest, Shattered Past. You are tasked with obtaining five Calcified Fragments. Instead of stopping at five Calcified Fragments, collect 15 and you can get the Hunger Pangs quest from Eris. This new quests tasks you with a mission to kill Bracus. Bracus is a special Taken Centurion located at the bottom of the Salt Mines in Bunker WAR-4. 

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Once you’ve taken out Bracus and completed the quest, you need to finish the quest, The Old Hunger. All you need to do is zone into the King’s Fall raid once and the quest will become active. You are tasked with obtaining three items from within the raid, the Blade of Famine, the Shroud of Anûk and the Ravenous Heart. 

You can obtain the Blade of Famine by killing the Warpriest. The Shroud of Anûk drops from the Deathsingers in the raid, and the Ravenous Heart drops from Oryx. Once you have obtained all three items, Eris will ask that you find 25 Wormspore, 50 Hadium Flakes and 50 Weapon Parts. Of these three items, Hadium Flakes are easily the most tedious to obtain. Farm the Dreadnaught until you get 50 Hadium Flakes. While farming for the Hadium Flakes you should also come across the 25 Wormspore you require, and it’s likely you already have enough weapon parts to complete that portion of the quest. 

Give Eris the items to obtain an Antiquated Rune. Now you need to collect 30 Calcified Fragments to continue on your journey to find the Touch of Malice. At this point, the Hunger Pangs quest line will become active again. Speak with Eris, then head into The Undying Mind Strike. Your task is to kill the Taken Knight, Morgath, Lore-Keeper. You can find him at the end of the Strike. Finish off Morgath, Lore-Keeper and head back to Eris to get a Stolen Rune from her. 

Now you need to get 45 Calcified Fragments. Once that’s done, head back to Phobos for the mission, Fear’s Embrace. You need to kill the Taken Wizard, Mar-Zik, the Blightcaller when Echo of Oryx is almost defeated. With all of these tasks complete, head back to speak with Eris yet again to receive the coveted prize of the Touch of Malice. 

The Touch of Malice is a very unique weapon. It only has 11 rounds, but the final round is infinite. The catch is that the final found inflicts significant bonus damage at the cost of draining your own health. Luckily, if you defeat three enemies consecutively you will gain back a generous amount of health. It’s not a weapon for everyone, but it definitely has some perks other weapons simply don’t offer. 

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