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Destiny 3 Will Offer “More RPG Elements,” According to Recent Leak

by Liana Ruppert

Now that Bungie is once again flying solo after their very public seperation from Activision, the future of the Destiny franchise has a breath of fresh life into it. With many rumors in the past indicating that Destiny 3 development is underway with a much darker narrative, fans of the shooter are looking to see what lies beyond the age of Forsaken. According to reset leak seen over on Reddit, the “darker” narrative will be going a much more RPG-centric route in terms of design. 

“The goal of D3 is to cater to the hardcore audience more than anything,” mentioned AnonTheNine on Reddit. “This game will be supposedly much more difficult than previous entries, and will very much focus on how the hardcore community of the franchise will play. D3 will also provide more RPG elements in it’s approach design compared to previous entries in the franchise.”

AnonTheNine is accredited with several major leaks in the past, including that of Destiny 2 and the shocking story of Forsaken. Another popular leak that spread last year that is continued with the latest rumor is that Destiny 3 will do away with traditional PvP, instead opting for an Open World formula that merges PvP and PvE elements. In the most recent leak, Anon says that the overall feel is designed similarly to that of PlanetSide, though he did mention that he isn’t aware of any Crucible or sandbox changes. 

Just as with any other leak, it’s important to take the latest rumor with a grain of salt. Until Bungie themselves makes an official announcement, everything mentioned thus far is purely speculation until the studio has more to reveal. Still, the latest expansion for Destiny 2 completely did a 180 on the negative reception that the sequel saw, meaning that excitement for the franchise is once more renewed. Whether or not that will continue on in an all new title or continued support for the current game is unclear, but the latest DLC definitely set the stage for big changes ahead to what we know about Guardians and the world they protect. 

As for the current title, Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

Liana Ruppert

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