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Destiny 2’s Game Director Promises More “Creative Risk” in Coming Seasons

Destiny 2 still has more up its sleeve, let's hope it's good

by Daphne Fama

Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph dropped on December 6, bringing the game closer to its much-promoted expansion, Lightfall. And while the new season brought new quests, storylines, and even competitive to the crucible, there’s one thing players can’t let go of: it’s largely more of the same. Destiny 2 has recently celebrated its fifth year since release, but the progression of the game is rhythmic and, for veteran players, predictable.

Destiny 2’s Game Director Promises More “Creative Risk” in Coming Seasons

But Joe Blackburn, Destiny 2’s game director, announced on Twitter that the players complaints aren’t falling on deaf ears. In a five post Twitter thread, Blackburn promised there will be more “creative risks” in season progressions, but that it will take time for the feedback to catch up with the development cycle.

“[O]n the seasonal pursuit side our major focus is reducing complexity and improving the synergy between your seasonal pursuits and the rest of the game,” Blackburn stated. For Season 21, the development team is exploring methods to differentiate progression, and Blackburn promises that players can expect new ways to progress player characters, as well as general novelty and thematic variety.

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But players in the thread seem unconvinced. The Destiny 2 community has skewed negative for the past few years, prompting an entirely new subreddit on Reddit called Low Sodium Destiny. The comments in the Twitter thread are predictably reluctant to take Blackburn at face value.

One user on Twitter notes that Blackburn’s promise seems to be familiar. “Not trying to be that guy but this feels like the same conversation year after year. Actions speak much louder than words. I’m all aboard trying new things but it just doesn’t make sense that the game is still trying to meet the same quarterly release deadlines that activision.”

Time will tell whether or not Blackburn’s projection will come to fruition, and whether or not players will be happy with it.

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