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Destiny 2 Hits Impressive Concurrent Users Count on Steam With Shadowkeep

by Liana Ruppert

To say Destiny 2 had a rough launch period would be a massive understatement but constant dillegence and a very public breakup from Activision has proven that preserverance does see a solid payoff. Now that the team over at Bungie has migrated over to Steam from its previous exclusivity, the online space game has seen a whopping increase in its player-base – something as a longtime Destiny player I’m happy to see – and that number of active players isn’t done climbing yet. 

Despite a few hiccups with server issues – which was to be expected with such a big push of an online game with both Shadowkeep and First Light – the amount of active players went high enough to score fourth place on the Steam Top 100 list. 

According to SteamDB, there are 146,511 players on right now with a peak of 214,100. This keeps fluctuating pretty wildly though is expected to jump right back off as a huge chunk of particular markets in certain areas of the world move into their evening hours. 

While some might make the argument that it doesn’t hold a candle to other big title launches, such as PUB that hit over 570,466 on day one, it’s important to reflect back on the long road to get here. With players abandoning the game shortly after launch over endgame content and paywalls, the journey the studio has made to give players what they want – including content, business practices, and community feedback – that’s a lot of people playing a game that the internet loves to dub as “dead.”

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and First Light is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. You can learn even more about the online title, including guides for the new content, right here with our previous coverage. It’s even cross-save enabled now, so you can jump between platforms without fear of starting over. 

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