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Destiny 2 System Requirements and PC Release Date

by Josh Hawkins

Destiny 2 is set to arrive late this fall, and the sequel to Bungie’s latest new series will finally make its way onto the PC. Unfortunately, the PC version won’t be launching on September 6, when the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions do, so fans will have to wait a little longer to get ahold of it on PC. Furthermore, with the game set to offer 4K capability, many fans have been wondering just what they’ll need to run the game at a solid FPS. In this article we’ll discuss Destiny 2’s PC release date, and even go over the PC requirements for Destiny 2 that fans need to know before picking up the game.

Destiny 2 PC Release Date

Destiny 2 is set to release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 6. But, if you’re looking forward to playing the latest entry in the Destiny series on your PC, you’ll need to wait a little longer—until October 24 to be exact.

Though PC players will have to wait over a month longer to play the upcoming sci-fi shooter, the game will launch with quite an array of support for many player-loved features on PC, including 4K support, uncapped framerate, and even a field of view slider.

Destiny 2 PC Requirements

Unfortunately, Luke Smith and the crew at Bungie have yet to officially release any type of requirements for Destiny 2’s PC build. They have stated—multiple times—that the PC version of the game is being developed alongside the console version, and that it isn’t a port, which means it should be optimized pretty well for the system.

We won’t dive into any rumors here, though, as we like to keep things to the facts, but based off everything we’ve seen so far, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for PC users to make sure their system is up to the job by checking out their processor’s strength, as well as the graphic cards capabilities. Luckily there will be a beta for the PC version of the game, and you can learn more about that in our guide on how to play the Destiny 2 beta.

Here is a list of all of the current features that have been revealed about the game.

  • Uncapped framerate
  • 4K support
  • Mouse and keyboard support
  • Controller support
  • Custom Key Mapping
  • Text chat box
  • Adjustable FOV (field of view)
  • 21:9 monitor support

Here are the currently known graphics settings included in Destiny 2

  • Graphics Quality
  • Texture Anistrophy
  • Ambient Occulsion
  • Motion Blur
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Texture Quality
  • Foliage Detail
  • Environment Detail
  • Character Detail
  • Shadow Quality
  • Depth of Field
  • Foliage Shadows
  • Lighting Shading Detail
  • Local Light Shadows
  • Wind Impulse

We’ll be sure to keep this article up to date with the latest information concerning the PC release date and requirements, so be sure to check back often for any updated information. For now, though, all that the community can do is guess what kind of requirements the PC version will need to run at a solid FPS at both 4K or 1080P settings. You can find out when the Destiny 2 Beta starts, as well as when the Destiny 2 Beta ends by checking out our other guides.

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