Season of Dawn is available now and it comes bringing with it a pretty hilarious Destiny 2 Osiris glitch. While the new season's launch has been pretty smooth sailing thus far, that doesn't mean everything is perfect. That's just the nature of online games, which can sometimes be pretty hilarious - especially in relation to our good pal Osiris. 

Osiris is back once more alongside Saint-14 and he comes bearing good 'ol fashioned quests. With the new Sundial activity, players now know that obelisks are super important. They also know that Osiris has an unintentional funny side. 

Twitter user 'Storm Roe' took to the social media site to share a pretty funny glitch where Osiris was literally caught with his pants down. I mean ... it's not game-breaking, personally I don't see a reason to fix, but that might just be me. 

The no-pants-dance has now become something players are seeking and really? We get it. We really, really do:

Joking aside, this Osiris glitch really is harmless unless you for some reason have a phobia of no pants. While the UI issues in the game need to be addressed, this is one glitch that we hope Bungie doesn't fix. Shine those cheeks, boys, shake 'em loud and proud. 

Destiny 2 Osiris glitch aside, Season of Dawn is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Happy de-pantsing!