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Destiny 2 Nerfs Recluse SMG Again

by Liana Ruppert

The Recluse SMG can’t seem to catch a break as the popular gun gets another new nerf from the team over at Bungie for Destiny 2. This is the second time that this particular gun has seen a round of changes impacting how it performs in PvP, making some players upset since it was a pretty big reward after completing a season 6 Crucible PvP questline. 

According to a recent blog post by Bungie, “Many doubted The Recluse when it was first announced, but it has since proved to be resilient to being squashed. Although the precision damage modifier did not actually improve the efficacy of the weapon at its best, it did allow for fairly mindless spraying to be just as good as concentrated aiming. After considering various options on what to do with it, the decision was made to remove that part of the functionality and preserve its activation methods. The alternative was leaving in an effect we believe to be too strong for a Legendary weapon.”

Because of that feedback and their own approach to the weapon, here are the following changes made to the Recluse SMG: 

  • Changed the effects of Master of Arms:
    • Removed the precision damage modifier
    • Recluse will continue to receive a damage bonus from Master of Arms, but damage will not default to precision values when the perk activates

The studio promised that these changes were made smartly in preparation for a major “meta” shift coming up for next season. Other changes the latest patch will bring include: 

One-Eyed Mask

  • Changed the effects of Vengeance
    • Removed the overshield granted from defeating an opponent that inflicted damage on you
“In a previous sandbox update, One-Eyed Mask received some tuning in how Vengeance was applied to Titans,” said Bungie. “Next Season, this perk will continue to provide health regeneration when defeating an opponent that has inflicted damage upon your Guardian, but it will no longer grant an overshield.”
Additionally, the team is addressing some feedback concerning the newly released Xenophage Exotic:
  • Increased PvE damage by +50%
  • Ammo pulled from PvP crates has been increased to 4/6 from 3/4 from shared and solo Heavy ammo crates, respectively
“Xenophage unintentionally shipped a little weak, so it’s getting a bump up in raw damage. Machine Guns have a higher ammunition capacity than other Heavy weapons, trading raw DPS for ease of use. Xenophage slides further towards other Heavy weapons such as Grenade Launchers in that aspect but didn’t get enough power back. This will correct that.”
More changes are coming soon, but for now you can get in on the Destiny 2 PvP action yourself on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

Liana Ruppert

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