Destiny 2 Beyond Light Story Trailer Sets the Stage with New Twists

All is not as it seems.

We got another glimpse into the newest Destiny 2 expansion Beyond Light in a new trailer. Bungie has released quite a few trailers for Beyond Light already, but this new one has a whole new angle.

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It showcases that the enemies will also wield the new power of Stasis as well. So while your guardian is running around with this newfound power of the darkness, your enemies can wield it as well. 

This will surely add new dynamics to each battle in Destiny 2 and adds a lot of variety to the combat. 

The most significant part of this trailer for Destiny fans, though, is the return of “The Kell of Kells” himself, Variks. First introduced in the Destiny expansion “House of Wolves,” Variks is a Fallen who works with you in The Reef. Helping you through the Prison of Elders Variks was a great companion but has not returned in Destiny 2 until now. 

It looks like Variks has been captured by the big bad guy named Eramis, so we will likely have to save him throughout the campaign. 

You can watch the new story trailer for Destiny 2 Beyond Light below.

You can get your hands on Destiny 2 Beyond Light on November 10. See you there, Guardians.

If you’re still unsure if you will hop back in, you can read a little more about the expansion here.

“A growing divide echoes in our collective unconscious. Precious gifts bestowed by the Traveler. Unspeakable evil brought forth by the Pyramids. As division spreads and distrust grows between alliances long thought unbreakable, the truths we hold dear will be questioned.

Guardian, is there more to the Darkness than we thought?”

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