Destiny 2: 15th Wish Solved With Light Level 999 Player, But Nothing Happened (UPDATE)

One player achieved light level 999 when Bungie said that this level was necessary to beat Dul Incaru one on one for the true Dreaming City ending, but nothing happened.

[Update]: Bungie released a statement that sort of answers the below questions? But sort of doesn’t. Full statement at the bottom of the Destiny 2 15th Wish article below.

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Original story …

One player achieved light level 999 when Bungie said that this level was necessary to beat Dul Incaru one on one for the true Dreaming City ending, but nothing happened. The Destiny 2 15th Wish is one of those mysteries in the Bungie game that has plagued players when it comes to this particular area in the game, even more so for those looking to end the curse. 

The fervor to reach 999 reached a fever pitch when a recent Triumph update mandated the necessary task of a 999 player defeating the Shattered Throne final boss single-handedly in order to unearth the “true” ending of the Dreaming City. One player did just that but it looks like something must have been lost in translation because all of these bullet points have been hit and nothing seemed to happen. Is this a slow-progressing ending unlock, or did we miss something? 

For those just jumping into Destiny 2 thanks to the Shadowkeep expansion, there is the “soft cap” and then there is more thanks to the new seasonal artifact. This new item in player possession allows for an increase in light level beyond the cap, technically to an infinite amount (according to Bungie). 

The player in question goes by the name ‘Bagel’ and he took on Shattered Throne with the help fo Clan Redeem. After the initial guide, he took on the boss and won. Since nothing happened, we’re wondering if there was something that perhaps Bungie misspoke on regarding the requirements to unlock the “true” ending or if perhaps there was a user error somewhere. 

Bungie is super active in their community so we’re sure to hear something soon about the feat. We’ve also reached out for comment to see just where the heck we go from here. 

For the game itself, Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC through Steam. Stay tune because we are keeping a very close eye on what’s going on in the Dreaming City. 


Updated statement from Bungie: 

A few among you have been hard on the grind, looking to reach heights in Power that some may only dream of achieving. [I am Savathûn, ravenous!] Last night, Bagel4k was the first to reach Power level 999. [I have set the snare and baited the trap] Following the guidance of a lore piece, they’ve also taken on the Shattered Throne dungeon, solo, in hopes of breaking the curse of the Dreaming City. [Is victory so easy, hero?] The claims made in the “Truth to Power” lore book were ambiguous. Now that they have been put to the test, the curse has yet to be broken… [I am the finality, the reward—I am the true ending]
To our friend Bagel4k,
[This is another gift]
You’ve spent countless hours defeating the enemies of the Last City, steadily increasing your Power to challenge the darkness that is consuming the Dreaming City. [Your strength is my strength] We’ve been watching, alongside the community, as you’ve come to the doorstep of being the first Guardian in Destiny history to have a four-digit Power level. [Your victory is my victory] We are humbled by your dedication, and while this may not have broken the curse… we can say without question that you have become Legend. [My jaws are wide and I am waiting]
Thank you for playing, and we can’t wait to see how high you climb each season.

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