Namco Bandai knows a good thing when it sees it.  Following the sales success of its hit sequel Dark Souls, they've not only announced a sequel that's coming out sometime soon (Dark Souls II, obviously), but now they're revisiting the Atlus-published game that started it all, just in time to startle a new generation of players that don't mind dying quite often.

Demon's Souls, which originally released on the PlayStation 3 years ago, is getting a second chance as a digital release, as Namco stated that it'll be arriving on the PlayStation Network this Tuesday for U.S. players.  While a price point wasn't given, we're estimating that it should be around $20, which is what it sells for retail.  Namco has already confirmed that online servers for the game will remain intact, just in case you need a motivational push from other players.

The game also has a European release date, set to release in that market on January 23rd.  Death for everyone!

We definitely recommend checking it out…but bring your patience.