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Demo confirmed for Bulletstorm

by Prima Games Staff

We’ll be getting a demo for People Can Fly’s crazy shoot-em-up Bulletstorm on 25th January, it’s out on Xbox Live on 25th January and 26th January on the Playstation Network, EA have told.

There was, unfortunately, no word on a PC demo.

There’s to be a section of “Echo mode”, a co-op mode that allows gamers to play with each other, with the competitive element being based on the point-scoring. The demo is set in a collapsed building.

The point-scoring, a major part of the game, is based around killing baddies in the most inventive way you can. The crazier your kills, the more points you receive.

There’ll be the chance to unlock upgrades, specific to the platform you’re on, to use for the full-game in the Anarchy multiplayer mode. Unlocks in the demo include Crimson Leash and Stealth Armor.

The Epic Edition of Bulletstorm is only available on the Xbox 360, and will give buyers access to the Gears of War 3 beta and bonus content for the game. The Bulletstorm Limited Edition is to come out on PS3 and PC, it will also give you bonus content for the game.

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