Dehya and Mika Bursting Into Action in Genshin Impact 3.5

They're not cat ears, it's just her hair

Dehya Mika Announced Genshin Impact

The arrival of a new patch is never enough to satisfy Genshin Impact’s developers from HoYoverse, who seem to live solely to tease players (but leaks are still a no-no, don’t even think about those!). Their usual Drip Marketing showcasing the new upcoming characters for version 3.5 is up, revealing Dehya and Mika as the next members of this ever-growing roster.

Dehya has been hyped up since 3.0 was released being a prominent cast member during the region’s Archon Quests, while Mika had a small role as a messenger from the Varka Expedition Team in Mondstadt during 3.1’s main event. Both were cherished by the community since their introduction, and it’s finally we get to play them.

What We Know About Dehya and Mika in Genshin Impact

While this announcement has nothing to do with 3.4’s arrival, it does affect players who have to decide between saving for these future characters or rolling during the new version’s marvelous banners. So we got you a few pieces of information we got on those newcomers to help you in this decision.

Dehya is set to be a 5-star Pyro Claymore character and should be featured in the first banner similar to Alhaitham in 3.4 version. She’s the third character with this specific vision/weapon combination, so unless you’ve been excited to roll for her since her debut, she’ll have to bring something new to the table to be worth your Primos. Leaks suggested many different kits for her, with some pointing her as an off-field Pyro support, but we’ll only know for sure in around a month.

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Mika is another 4-star Cryo Polearm character (the third of his kind!), despite holding a book in his Splash Art. As he’s a member of Eula’s division in the Knights of the Favonius, people speculated him to be a dedicated Physical support, which was later supported by leaks. His announcement also points out Eula having her long-awaited rerun in 3.5 after over a year of being absent from banners.

Their official kits are yet to be released, but preliminary info for them seems very interesting. We’ll have to wait until there’s an official confirmation for their gameplay aspects, but people are already just as horny for Dehya as they are for Alhaitham. Mika, on the other hand, is already set by the fans to be either Genshin’s official Chocobo or another Vocaloid member. So I guess we can say both are already a hit in their niches.

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