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Decidueye Joins The Pokemon Unite Roster Next Week

by Jesse Vitelli

Pokemon Unite has been adding a steady new Playable Pokemon at a steady cadence, and the next Pokemon joining the roster has just been revealed. 

Decidueye Joins The Pokemon Unite Roster Next Week

Decidueye will be joining the fight on November 19, 2021. This Grass/Ghost Pokemon is the final evolution of the Pokemon Sun and Moon starter Rowlett. 

You can check out a brief trailer showcasing some of Decidueye’s abilities. It looks to be a ranged attacker, which fits the Pokemon’s moveset and playstyle. As Decidueye you’ll shoot your opponents from afar using arrows, some ghost-type attacks, and even rain a barrage on your enemies similar to Venasaur’s Razor Leaf attack. 

Pokemon Unite has added other fan-favorite characters over the course of a few months like Sylveon, Gardevoir, Blastoise, and many more. 

We’re interested to see how Decidueye fits into a game that already has plenty of ranged attackers and if it can offer anything new to the field to shake things up a bit.

The recent addition of Greedent was so overpowered that it had to be nerfed in the most recent patch notes.

What do you think of Decidueye and who else do you want to see join the Pokemon Unite roster? Be sure to let us know on the official Prima Games Twitter and Facebook pages, or leave us a comment down below! 

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