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Deathloop Delayed Until 2021 Due to COVID-19

by Eric Garrett

Earlier this year, fans were treated to a new gameplay video of Arkane Studios and Bethesda‘s upcoming Deathloop. While many are excited to get their hands on the intriguing title, it would appear that they will have to wait a bit longer as the game has officially been delayed until 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and having to work from their homes.

When the pandemic started, studios around the globe moved to a work-from-home strategy, and while it has been able to work out for some, others have not been as lucky. The devs at Arkane recently took to the official Deathloop Twitter account to announce the difficult decision to move the game into a Q2 2021 release window. “Our ambition for Deathloop is to deliver a signature Arkane game that takes you to never-before-seen places in a stylish new world,” the post reads.

“At the same time, the health and safety of everyone at Arkane Lyon remains our top priority,” they continued. “As we’ve adjusted to work-from-home, we found that delivering this new and exciting experience, at the polish and quality level that defines both an Arkane game and a true next-gen experience. is taking longer than normal. This extra time will allow our team to bring Deathloops’s world to life with as much character and fun as you’ve come to expect from our team.”

They added, “While we know this is the right decision for Deathloop, we share your disappointment, and apologize for making you wait even longer. Thank you for your support and excitement. Your positive feedback has helped fuel us as we continue to work from the confines of our homes. We can’t wait to share more details about Deathloop with you, so keep your eyes open for our next update, coming soon.”

This, of course, isn’t the first delay in the gaming industry due to COVID-19. Recently, and quite possibly most notably, the highly anticipated Halo Infinite was delayed until next year, which upset many fans who were expecting it to be an Xbox Series X launch title. Unfortunately, given the circumstances of the ongoing worldwide pandemic, it is not unreasonable to expect more delays moving forward. 

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Deathloop is currently in development and expected to launch in Q2 of 2021 for PlayStation 5, with the PC version set to arrive at a later date.

What do you think about all of this? Are you bummed that Arkane has made the decision to delay Deathloop, or are you glad that more developers are taking additional time to complete their projects? Sound off with your thoughts over on our Twitter @PrimaGames!