Today, Arkane shared some amazing concept art from its upcoming game Deathloop. It also came with a little information about the inspiration of the art from Art Director Sebastien Mitton. 

Deathloop Art Director Shares A Bunch of New Amazing Concept Art

“Key inspiration came from the Faroe Islands, which have a very wild and mysterious atmosphere (just Google it, you’ll understand) and The Thing (Carpenter, 1982), as we love the cold, isolated and intimate atmosphere of this masterpiece.

In Blackreef, you will also find a mix of warm 60s vibes, technology, madness, possibilities, and fun. We can’t wait to show you!”

The concept art, which can be seen below, fits the game’s very orange and warm color palette. A lot of masked figures and fire, which seems consistent with the game’s trailers and media. 

Seeing concept art for games is always cool, and Arkane showing some more is an easy way to get people excited about Deathlop, which release for the PlayStation 5 on May 21, 2021. Deathloop was first revealed back in 2019 during Bethesda's E3 showcase. Since then it has been prominently featured during PlayStation's PS5 reveals.

Late last year it was delayed into 2021 citing COVID-19 concerns.

These pieces of art come from Skewed Take a look at them! 

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