Deadpool is about to make a splash in video games in his own special way – which means sophomoric, violent and all-out awesome.

The game, which was announced last summer at San Diego Comic-Con with Transformers developers High Moon Studios at the helm (and Activision publishing), got its first full trailer yesterday, as it made its premiere on IGN.  In it, you see just what the smarmy assassin is capable of, between his up-close melee attacks and his over-the-top gun techniques, including dive bombing an enemy and riddling him with bullets.

For good measure, the game also features an appearance from Marvel character Cable, as well as a voluptuous woman to give Deadpool the necessary taste of boobs he needs.  Of course.

The game is slated to release sometime this summer, and while we wait for the opportunity to give it a strategic preview (should be fairly soon), you can check out the trailer for yourself here.  Warning: it's excessive on ridiciulousness.  But, hey, that's Deadpool!