Ever since it was officially unveiled last summer at the San Diego Comic-Con, huge buzz has been building around Marvel's Deadpool game, which is currently in production over at High Moon Studios – the same team that worked on the awesome Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.  But now it's just a question of "when the (bleep) are we going to get it already?"  (As he'd say, mind you.)

Good news, you won't have to wait long to take control of the smart-ass, gun-toting assassin for hire.  A site called the Deadpool Bugle has spotted an ad in several Deadpool comics last week, showing that the game was slated for a "summer 2013" release…which isn't too far off.

Activision still hasn't given us an exact release window for the game, but it's nice to see it's moving right along.  Now, if we can just make sure Nolan North is voicing the character in the game (as he's done in various cartoons) and that it has plenty of kick-ass action, we'll be in business.

We'll have a Deadpool strategic preview for you soon, turkeys.  (Again, as he would say.)