The release of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is a huge focus for Activision and High Moon Studios since it's coming around the bend for an August 21 release. However, the companies are already hyping up their next project with Marvel's wise-ass assassin Deadpool.


The game was previously announced at San Diego Comic-Con and was briefly shown at Gamescom today in Germany There wasn't a hands-on session, but High Moon Studios happily showed off plenty of chaotic action, which is along the same lines of what X-Men Origins Wolverine did a few years back. Of course, Deadpool is shredding baddies with guns and swords instead of using claws.


Deadpool features plenty of smarminess provided by voice actor Nolan North, as well as over-the-top moments that truly define the anti-hero, including a skirmish in a bouncy castle that leaves everyone flattened. We're eager to try this out, just to see how it all comes apart... er, together.


Look for Deadpool to hit video game consoles in 2013. We'll have a preview for you soon. BANG BANG!