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Dead or Alive 6 Release Date Information

by Bryan Dawson

With the announcement of any new game, the first question fans generally ask is when can I play this game. Team Ninja’s latest is no different, as many players have been asking when will DOA6 release. While there’s no exact date yet, we’ve got the general time period of the Dead or Alive 6 release date, as well as when you can play DOA6 in the very near future. As always, we will continue to update this article when new DOA6 release date information becomes available.

DOA6 Release Date

  • February 15, 2019

The announcement of DOA6 came with a release period of early 2019, but has since been narrowed down to February 15, 2019. Even when the initial announcement was made about early 2019, we already knew that Dead or Alive 6 would release sometime between January 2019 and the end of March 2019. Given some of the huge game releases taking place in February and March, timing the release of DOA6 looked to be tricky for Koei Tecmo. However, the February 15 date threads the needle, coming just over two weeks after the release of Kingdom Hearts III, and a week before the current release date for Days Gone, Metro Exodus and Anthem.

As we discussed before the official release date was announced, Resident Evil 2 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 both arrive in late January, Anthem, Days Gone, Crackdown and Metro Exodus are all coming in February, and The Division 2 is currently set for March. If Koei Tecmo wanted to avoid all of those big releases, the best time to release DOA6 would have been mid-January or around the second week of February, which is exactly what the company opted to do. Of course, since none of these other titles are fighting games, there’s no direct competition. Gamers still have budgets though, and that means it’s best to avoid as many of these big releases as possible when planning a release date for DOA6.

When Can You Play Pre-Release?

Luckily, fans of Dead or Alive will not have to wait until early 2019 to get their hands on the title. Team Ninja has already had the game playable at the Evolution Fighting Game Championship (Evo). The event took place August 3-5, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV. If you didn’t make it to Evo, there’s been some talk of a potential online beta for the game, but Team Ninja has not confirmed that just yet. If the developer does officially announce an online beta, we’ll be sure to update you with that information.

For now, you can ease the pain of waiting to play DOA6 until February 15, 2019 by taking a look at our breakdown of the E3 build.

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