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Dead or Alive 6 Confirmed Characters

by Bryan Dawson

Dead or Alive 6 is finally upon us, and with that comes several months of waiting to see which characters will make the launch roster. If you’re having a hard time keeping up to date, don’t worry, this article will be continuously updated with the latest information on DOA6 confirmed characters. If you need to know the confirmed Dead or Alive 6 characters, we’ve got you covered between now and the early 2019 release. So let’s dive right in and take a look at the confirmed characters for DOA6, with continual updates coming on which Dead or Alive 6 characters you can play as soon as they’re announced.

DOA6 Confirmed Characters

  • Ayane
  • Bass
  • Bayman
  • Brad Wong
  • Christie
  • Diego (new character)
  • Eliot
  • Hayabusa
  • Hayate
  • Helena
  • Hitomi
  • Honoka
  • Jann Lee
  • Kasumi
  • Kokoro
  • Mila
  • Leifang
  • Lisa / La Mariposa
  • Marie Rose
  • Nico (new character)
  • Nyotengu (DLC)
  • Phase 4 (DLC)
  • Rig
  • Tina
  • Zack

The announcement trailer for DOA6 revealed the first six characters confirmed for the game. They include series staples that would be shocking if not included: Hayabusa, Hayate, Helena, Jann Lee, Kasumi and Zack. DOA6 director, Yohei Shimbori, stated that many of the series regulars would be coming to the game, as well as brand new characters (yes that was intentionally plural). It was later confirmed that at least two brand new characters will be added to DOA6 in the form of one new male character and one new female characters.

Diego has been confirmed as the new male character, while details on the new female character remains a mystery. Rig was also confirmed alongside the announcement of Diego just before Evo 2018. Hitomi and Leifang were teased at Evo 2018, with an official announcement coming on August 20 at Gamescom. We’ll have more information on the brand new female character as soon as details become available, so stay tuned to this article and Prima Games.

Just before Tokyo Game Show, Team Ninja announced the official release date of Dead or Alive 6 (February 15, 2019). The trailer included confirmation of Ayane, Bayman, Honoka and Marie Rose, with additional DLC confirmation of Phase 4 and Nyotengu. As soon as October hit, Kokoro and Lisa were intentionally teased by showing a small snippet of their artwork for the game. Both are expected to be officially unveiled sometime between early October and Paris Games Week near the end of the month.

Shortly after the Lisa and Kokoro tease, Team Ninja held a private media event to unveil a new trailer showcasing Tina, Bass and Mila. Christie was then announced during Paris Games Week in late October. It wasn’t until the DOA Festival held in Japan around mid-November that Lisa and Kokoro were officially announced. They were joined by Nico, the other brand new character joining Diego in the Dead or Alive 6 roster.

Eliot and Brad Wong were confirmed via Weekly Famitsu in mid-December, as the character announcements are nearing completion. A few more characters are still expected to be announced, so stay tuned as we’ll be updating this article with any new character information that becomes available.

Guest Characters

Dead or Alive 5 included quite a few guest characters, most notably from Virtua Fighter and The King of Fighters. While it has been confirmed that no guests characters will appear in the launch roster, the door is still open to the possibility of guest characters coming to the game in the form of post-launch DLC. With no news on Virtua Fighter 6 in sight, most VF fans would likely be pleased to see more crossover between the two titles.

As we approach the looming February 15, 2019 release date, more characters are sure to be announced. DOA fans should keep an eye on Prima Games for a hands-on, detailed breakdown of the E3 build. Stay tuned to Prima Games as we offer more Dead or Alive 6 content in the coming weeks and months!

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