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Dead Island Riptide Zombie Profiles

by Prima Games Staff

There have been many variations of zombies within the medium of video games. From the familiar flesh-craving zombies to the larger hideous monstrosities, zombies have evolved over time in video games. The original Dead Island featured a variety of zombie types that led to the unpredictability of the game.

Now, in Dead Island Riptide we are going to explore the different zombie types that will appear in the game. Will the zombie that has been keeping you up at night since the first journey to Banoi return to haunt your dreams or will a new one take its place?

Let’s find out!



The Floaters are fat bulbous zombies that make their return from the Original Dead Island Riptide. These slow moving abominations represent the physical deformity that can augment the human form once infected by the zombie virus within Dead Island. While this zombie is slow, it makes ups for its lack of speed with a disgusting long-range attack.

The Floater spews copious amounts of acid at you while playing. This walking vomit launcher rivals the Exorcist in range and volume. While it may seem almost impossible to avid his disgusting stomach acid, using long range attacks will keep this zombie at bay.


The Suicider is one of the returning monstrosities from the original Dead Island. This puss filled zombie is covered in boils that are ready to pop at any moment. This creature’s goal is simple. He wants to move in closer and explode, killing as many people as he possibly can.

The best way to take out a Suicider is to force him to explode before he reaches you. This is best done by attacking form a distance. Head shots are the best way to ensure this zombie explodes without harming you. He can also be used to take out surrounding zombies as well.


A monster with his arms locked inside a straight jacket does not seem like a threat until you meet the Ram. This powerful zombie uses his head as a battering ram to take out anything in his way. Once he has you in his sights, he will charge straight ahead and inflict massive damage.

This zombie’s weakness lies at this back. Side step and maneuver around him and you will be able to attack his back. With a few well place shots, you will put down the Ram.



Seemingly separated at birth, the Drowner is a variation of the Floater zombie that lurks beneath bodies of water. This disgustingly robust zombie is just as slow moving as the Floater. With his corpulent frame, this zombie definitely qualifies as a heavy hitter. The Drowner will vomit his stomach acids and cause you to temporarily loose your vision. This zombie is making its debut in Riptide.

The Drowner may be slow but he can not be taken lightly. You will need to approach this zombie much like the Floater. Be prepared to loose your vision and when you do the only option is to run while throwing out grenades or attacking with your weapon.


The Grenadier is another long-range zombie that makes its debut in Dead Island Riptide.  This zombie has cancerous like growths that protrude from his body and through any items of clothing that he is wearing. As its name states, the Grenadier will throw exploding projectiles at you during gameplay. The catch? The projectiles are hunks of the zombie’s own entrails.
The Grenaider is a different breed of zombie. While he may appear larger than the normal biter due to his size and power, he is still faster than the Drowner or Floater. You will want to avoid this zombie’s attacks at all cost. His projectiles are powerful. You want to use long-range attacks to keep him at bay.


The biggest zombie on our list so far, the Wrestler makes his debut in Dead Island Riptide. This hulking brute is built to display shear power and aggression. His hands have mutated and shaped by the infection to form giant clubs. His only goal is to use those boulder shaped fists to beat you into a bloody pulp.

This zombie is massive. Strong does not even begin to describe his level of power and brutality. This is a zombie that can take you out with a few melee attacks. This zombie wants to attack up close and personal so you can use this to your advantage. Use a member of your team to draw him in and allow the other members to attack from behind and take him out.

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