Who doesn’t love Dead Island?  From the moment we saw that cinematic trailer last year, we knew we were in for a good time of going around an island and massacre-killing a slew of zombies while trying to stay alive.  If you somehow missed out on it, you’ll have a second chance to get into the action.

Deep Silver has announced that it will be releasing a Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, set to ship on June 26.  The game will sell for $29.99, half of what it normally sells for, and will come with a trio of new download packs, including a blueprint for the awesome Ripper weapon, a Bloodbath Arena add-on, and the Ryder White campaign chapter, which tells a whole different side of the story.

Not a bad deal, even if it isn’t the most ideal vacation spot.  Personally, we’d be fine and dandy setting up our offices in Hawaii.  If only it weren’t for that damn “cost” thing.  Who’s got a credit card?