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Dead Cells Launches Out of Early Access in August

by Larryn Bell

Developer Motion Twin announced today that their metroidvania roguelite hybrid game Dead Cells will launch out of Early Access on August 7, 2018. In celebration of the big news, the developers have released a new Dead Cells trailer, which you can watch below.

Aptly referred to as a “roguevania” game, Dead Cells combines roguelite elements with metroidvania-style progression and upgrades to create a challenging combat experience. Dead Cells will launch with 13 different levels, each with a distinct atmosphere and secrets to unearth along the way. Players can choose between over 80 weapons and skills to create a character that suits their preferred playstyle, along with four special powers that can unlock new paths and regions.

“We’re super stoked to see people play Dead Cells 1.0,” said the Motion Twin team. “However, the journey doesn’t end there as we’re still working on Dead Cells to bring you new content, as promised before, and are dedicated to improve mod support.”

Dead Cells released onto Steam Early Access in May 2017, receiving positive praise from fans and play testers. If you plan on picking up Dead Cells on console, note that there is currently a special 20% off discount available for pre-purchasing Dead Cells for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch (Switch pre-orders begin on July 18 in North America). There won’t be a launch discount, so if you want a good deal on Dead Cells, then now is the best time to purchase the game and save money.

As promised, Motion Twin will also be releasing physical version of Dead Cells, which are now available for pre-order from Signature Edition Games. Physical copies of Dead Cells are limited to PC, PS4, and Switch versions. 

Dead Cells will release out of Early Access on August 7 for PC, Mac, and Linux (via Steam and GOG) as well as PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles.